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LynkMail - Email, calendar, and contacts on your PC, Tablet, phone or browser

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Synchronize Your Email, Calendar and Contacts on your PC, Tablet, Phone or Browser

Never lose your phone address book again!

         Lose your phone

         Upgrade to a new phone

         Move  a new phone provider

Ever lost your phone with all your contacts in your address book? Never have that pain again. Regardless of the platform, Smartphone, Tablet, Website Portal or Email Client Program, your information is always available 24x7. Make Backups and software synchronization a thing of the past. LynkMail provides constant synchronization and backups for all devices.

Whether you move to a new phone provider, upgrading to a new phone or lose your phone, with LynkMail you will never lose phone address book again, ever!!!

Email Services with Unified Communication and Collaboration

If your business has more than five employees you should have your own domain name for email communication. When a domain name is acquired, often times the choice is made to have the email services also provided by the same registrar or hosting company, from whom the domain name was purchased.

As your company grows, employees need to communicate and share information at all times with Smartphones, Tablets, website portal and social media. Having access to shared contacts, calendars and documents using the latest technology in a unified environment, is a must for any business to succeed.

Most registrars and hosting companies do not offer a cost effective email collaboration service that addresses these needs.  For this reason businesses should not settle for email services provided by website hosting companies and registrars.

LynkMail distinguishes itself by addressing these deficiencies and filling these requirements. We provide a cost effective email Services solution that achieves these goals, with unified communication and collaboration with the latest technologies across all platforms for businesses of all sizes.


Email Hosting Services with Unified Collaboration, Communication, Security and Mobile Synchronization

Large Mailboxes

Large Mailboxes



Outlook Support

Outlook Support



Web-Based Access

Web-Based Access



Shared Calendar and Contacts

Shared Calendar and Contacts


Spam Filtering


Guaranteed to save you money!!!

Sign Up for Microsoft Exchange Online service and discover all the amazing features, benefits and proven results this product gives your organization.

You will love the new and improved Microsoft Exchange 2010 application. A proven collaboration and
communication product with its enhanced productivity and mobility features.

With safety, health and security of your organizations network being the number one priority, this product delivers. Additionally
LynkMail Email Services saves you time and is guaranteed to fulfill all your corporate and personal communication needs.

We also provide a Hybrid solution for your corporation by sharing your email accounts between Microsoft Exchange with ActiveSync and LynkMail Email Servers. With the Hybrid solution, we guarantee savings for your business with security and reliability remaining the number one priority.


Example, a company with fifty (50) employees with email accounts could separate the account usage as follows:

10 x Premium Exchange ActiveSync email accounts
       (For top executives and upper management  )

40 x POP3/IMAP email Accounts - with Outlook and Webmail Access
       (For other employees and non personal  email accounts)

50 = Total - (10 Premium Exchange + 40 POP3/IMAP email Accounts)
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This Hybrid solution saves your company money and gives you an overall lower monthly cost for only ten (10) Premium Exchange ActiveSync E-mail accounts plus the cost for forty (40) POP3 email accounts.

Free Email Migration and Setup

LynkMail - Email, calendar, and contacts on your PC, Tablet, phone or browser

"Experience, Service, Security and Reliability You Can Depend On"

Balance the needs of your changing organization by,

Lowering Costs

With enterprise-grade email services while lowering costs and IT support requirements with a messaging platform that provide abundant choices and high efficiency.

Increasing Productivity

Sales teams need to easily connect with customers while on the road through anywhere access to business communications.

The improvements to Outlook Web App are great for our mobile users.  They can see all of their e-mail, calendar appointments, voice mail messages, and current  information.

Managing Risk

Need to ensure your communications are protected against spam and viruses by safeguarding sensitive communications with anti-virus and anti-spam technology. Avoid unnecessary pain by using LynkMail Exchange Online Services, a robust and  proven technology.


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